Not So Happily Ever After: 10 Fallen Princesses Show Life Isn't Always a Fairy Tale

Fallen princesses
Who's the beast now?

Most people will confirm that there is no such as happily ever after. At least not as it exists in fairy tales. If you want happy, you have to work for it, because fairy godmothers and magical kisses from princes don’t go too far in real life.

What would the Disney princesses look like without their happily ever after? Photographer Dina Goldstein imagines life for the famously fair maidens if their magical ending were replaced with realistic outcomes and modern day problems instead.

See one version of how the Disney Princesses would cope (or not) in the real world, present day:

  • Snow White 1 of 10
    Snow White
    When domestic bliss turns into a domestic nightmare.
  • Rapunzel 2 of 10
    When forces beyond your control let down your long hair.
  • Cinderella 3 of 10
    She's come a long way from the prince's castle (namely, to a dive bar on Vancouver's Hastings Street).
  • Ariel 4 of 10
    Life under water isn't as glamorous as all get out when under water is inside a fish bowl.
  • Belle 5 of 10
    Perfection doesn't come painlessly. Or seamlessly (unless your doctor is really good).
  • Pocahontas 6 of 10
    Hoarding cats is never a pretty sight.
  • Little Red Riding Hood 7 of 10
    Little Red Riding Hood
    That walk to Grandmother's house has to feel a lot longer with a belly full of fast food.
  • Princess and the Pea 8 of 10
    Princess and the Pea
    It's cute up until a point. And then at that point, it's time to get help.
  • Jasmine 9 of 10
    To the victor goes the spoils, unless the method of victory kind of spoils all of the fun.
  • Sleeping Beauty 10 of 10
    Sleeping Beauty
    The waiting is the hardest part.

Photo credits: Dina Goldstein

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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