Nursing Mom Asked to Leave Colorado Rockies Game

Wait until Kourtney Kardashian hears about this: The reality TV star, who supports a woman’s right to breastfeed in public, likely won’t be too happy to learn that a Denver mom was asked to leave a Colorado Rockies game because she was breastfeeding.

While nursing her newborn baby during a baseball game at Coors Stadium earlier this month, Sandra Snow says she’s was harassed by the staff, according to

“An usher came up to me and told me I needed to do that in the family restroom,” said Snow. “I told her, ‘I’d be done in a moment and I would come down then.'” A fight ensued. The stadium insisted it was a misunderstanding and that the ushers wanted Snow to move because she was sitting in a closed row. Maybe so, but they did suggest she should feed her baby in the bathroom. Would you eat your  meal in the bathroom?

All but three states have laws which specifically allow women to breastfeed in any public or private location where they have a right to be.

Snow received an apology from the management at Coors Field as well as an offer for free tickers to a future game. She then posted on Facebook that the senior director of Coors Field has assured her that “staff have been told not to bother a nursing mother with suggestions to move unless a mother specifically requests an alternate location to nurse her baby.”

A Facebook group is encouraging people to come to the Main Field Gate at Coors Field on July 11 for a “Nurse-In at the Colorado Rockies.” The group accepts the apology, but thinks “it’s important to support a woman’s right to feed her child, however she feels is right, whenever she needs too,” according to Benjamin Ashley Snow, Snow’s husband.

Public breastfeeding has become a surprisingly hot-button issue. It’s ironic that new moms are told that “Breast is Best,” but are criticized or harassed for nursing in public.

In the comments to the story about Sandra Snow on, several people criticized Snow for not giving the baby a bottle or leaving her home. Sometimes it seems that moms can’t win — if we don’t breastfeed, we’re selfish. If we breastfeed in public, we’re also selfish.

I find it shocking that a recent ABC News poll showed that 57 percent of Americans don’t approve of public breastfeeding. I wonder how many of those same people say they believe that “breast is best.”


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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