Nursing Students Expelled for Placenta Pictures

nurses expelled, human placenta
What were they thinking?

Perhaps it’s time to update the curriculum in nursing — and other medical — schools. Lesson (1): other people’s organs, detached or otherwise, are not public domain; and (2) Facebook is not a scholarly meeting ground.

Four nursing students have been expelled from their Kansas community college after they posed for pictures with a placenta and then posted them on Facebook. One of those students, Doyle Byrnes, has filed a complaint in the district court asking to be reinstated to her program before classes start up again in two weeks.

Long story short: she’s blaming the teachers.

Byrnes explains in her court filing that she and the other Johnson County Community College students were attending a lab class at Olathe Medical Center in November when they asked their teacher for permission to take a picture of the placenta in order to share their experience on Facebook.

Byrnes claims in her suit that the instructor said “oh you girls,” but did not say no. Thus, the pictures were uploaded.

Three hours later, an instructor called Byrnes and told her to remove the photos, which Byrnes did. The student asked whether she was in trouble and, this time, the instructor said “no.”

The next day, she and the other students had been expelled. According to court documents, the Daily Mail reports, the teacher said the students had been out line.

Your demeanour and lack of professional behaviour surrounding this event was considered a disruption to the learning environment.

The lawyer representing Byrnes argues there is nothing in the school’s code of conduct explicitly forbidding the students from taking photos of other people’s organs and sharing them with their long lost high school sweethearts, the babysitter and whomever else they’ve friended on Facebook.

Which brings us back to modern medical lessons (1) and (2). This kind of reminds me of this OB/Gyn who branded a patient’s uterus with her name (or another one who went with the University of Kentucky logo).

How would you feel about your baby’s afterbirth making the rounds on Facebook?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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