500 Reasons You Shouldn't Take the Kids Out for McRibs

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The McRib is so bad it's good

I remember the first time I had a McRib at McDonald’s. The little sandwich was like a miracle: ribs? On a bun?

Of course, that was before I — and the world — knew much about processed foods and the genius of mechanically separated meat. Those little suckers, sweet and tangy, soft and chewy, were delicious, as long as you didn’t over-think the whole thing.

But I’ve over-thought them now — the processed part is the least of my worries. While the internet rejoices over the announcement that, starting Nov. 2, McRibs will be on every McDonald’s menu, the nutrition information offers a cautionary tale.

A 7.4-ounce McRib has 500 calories, 26 grams of fat (almost half the calories come from fat). That’s 500 reasons right there you should eat your McRib alone in the car and not in front of the kids.

Moreover, each sandwich has 10 grams of saturated fat and 980 mg of sodium. There are 11 grams of sugar per serving, but also a nice amount of protein: 22 grams. Also, a little iron, some fiber and a teeny bit of calcium (not from the bones!).

This is all, of course, before you add fries and drinks and, well, shouldn’t you stop about now?

In fairness, the grilled chicken sandwich has only 80 fewer calories, but comes out a lot better in the other categories. And yes, I know you don’t got to McDonald’s to feel virtuous. Everything in moderation, etc., etc.

But here’s my suggestion: use the McRib locator to find your sandwich, but eat them in secret. Don’t drag the kids into this high-sodium, high-calorie, bone-in bonelessness. Save them from themselves. Save them from the McRib.

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