‘NYChildren’ Showcases Stunning Portraits of Kids from 169 Countries — All Photographed in New York City (PHOTOS)

A few of the images from “NYChildren”

Photographer Danny Goldfield could have gone around the world many times over in the time it actually took him to photograph children from nearly every country in the world. Instead, he shot them all without leaving New York City.

In a stunning book, NYChildren, Goldfield showcases moving and glorious portraits of children from 169 countries, all of whom were in one of the five boroughs of New York City over a seven-year period. He still plans on getting photographs of children from the remaining 24 countries.

The project was conceived in 2003 while he was driving cross country and met a Sikh named Rana at a gas station in Mesa, Ariz., who had lost one brother to a hate crime a few years earlier and then another brother at the hands of a thief.

Instead of living in fear, Rana told Goldfield, “It’s important for me to get out of my house and meet my neighbors” instead of “hole up and live in fear.” In doing so, Rana said he hoped to “reduce the danger to himself, his family and his community.”

It was after that meeting that Goldfield was “struck by the idea to photograph a child from every country on earth and find them all living in New York City. This is how I would bring neighbors together.”

He traveled back to New York City and asked for help from neighbors, clergymen, teachers, business people, politicians, writers, students and artists.

“These photographs exist because of their stories, efforts and good will,” Goldfield said.

If you’re stuck on the perfect holiday gift for anyone in your life, this book just might be what’s missing from under the tree. Take a look at some of the gorgeous photographs:

  • Estonia 1 of 25
    Karl-Robert in Manhattan
  • Ethiopia 2 of 25
    Bez in Queens
  • France 3 of 25
    Victor in Manhattan
  • Indonesia 4 of 25
    Calvin and Samira in Queens
  • Ivory Coast 5 of 25
    Ivory Coast
    Sekou in Manhattan
  • Laos 6 of 25
    Dodo in Queens
  • Lithuania 7 of 25
    Greta in Manhattan
  • Malaysia 8 of 25
    Joie in Queens
  • Myanmar 9 of 25
    Cindy and Christine in Queens
  • Nepal 10 of 25
    Yeshi in Brooklyn
  • Norway 11 of 25
    Felix in Manahttan
  • Panama 12 of 25
    Lynette and Alexander in Brooklyn
  • Rwanda 13 of 25
    Tallulah in Manhattan
  • Saint Lucia 14 of 25
    Saint Lucia
    Shawnelle in Brooklyn
  • San Marino 15 of 25
    San Marino
    Nicholas in Brooklyn
  • Sao Tome 16 of 25
    Sao Tome
    Denisse in Queens
  • Sierra Leone 17 of 25
    Sierra Leone
    Mariama in the Bronx
  • Singapore 18 of 25
    Ian in Queens
  • Slovenia 19 of 25
    Ruben in Manhattan
  • Spain 20 of 25
    Celia in Manhattan
  • Sudan 21 of 25
    Abdullah in Brooklyn
  • Swaziland 22 of 25
    Swazi in Brooklyn
  • Tonga 23 of 25
    Mahe in Manhattan
  • Turkey 24 of 25
    Deniz in Manhattan
  • Zambia 25 of 25
    Natasha in the Bronx

All photos used with permission from Danny Goldfield

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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