Obama Wears Dad Jeans

obamapitchI didn’t know there was a male equivalent to the mom jeans insult, but apparently there is. And who better to show them off than our president?

The folks at PopWatch took a look at President Obama throwing out the first pitch at the All-Star game this week and decided that the commander-in-chief was looking very dad like in his Levi’s.

They called it “an ode to well-meaning fathers everywhere,” that his jeans were “ill-fitting 501s.” Wow, way to knock his parenting AND his style in one fell swoop – as though one has anything to do with the other.

I’ll admit I’ve used the “mom jeans” comment a time or two . . . because I was referring to my own mom and her ill-advised penchant for denim that accentuates her child-bearing hips rather than her slim waist. It’s come out of my mouth much less since I became a mom myself and have yet to fall into the ill-fitting jeans rut (although I refuse to buy into the returned skinny jeans style either . . . for the record, jiggly mom ass and skin-tight do not come together for a pretty picture). Yes, with motherhood comes increased sensitivity to badmouthing moms.

Heck, with parenthood comes that increased sensitivity. So “dad jeans”? How about just normal guy jeans? Because the most fashionable guy I know is a dad (OK, it helps that he used to work at Vogue). . . and the most unfashionable isn’t (what’s more, he’s gay – how about some stereotype busting right there!). Here’s a look at the president and his 501s:

In the end, I’ve got to say it: I’d prefer NOT to see the president in a pair of jeans that leave nothing to the imagination. He’s the leader of the free world. I don’t want to see his package.

Image: Chicago Sun Times

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