OctoTrouble – RadarOnline Charged with Breaking Child Labor Laws


Jon and Kate aren’t the only ones accused by ‘the man’ of exploiting their offspring. Nadya Suleman aka Octomom and the production team from are under investigation for breaking child-labor laws.

This week California state regulators have charged that “two of the newborns were endangered by long hours and inadequate supervision while under the relentless eye of a video camera.” Radaronline has been documenting the life and times of Octomom shortly after the eight baby’s were born and these claims primarly are in regards to the first two octuplets who came home first.  

 Four citations were issued against RadarOnline for not getting permits, not having a monitor present, taping the newborns for hours and during times that were banned by regulations. The Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet said, “These babies were put at risk and exposed to conditions that violated California labor laws. In this case, we are dealing with premature babies.” RadarOnline states that they’re a news organization and don’t need to adhere to those stipulations.

This is a totally separate challenge than the lawsuit filed by Gloria Allred in regards to the babies well being. Allred said that she “welcomed the state labor action.”

 There is no mention of how much Suleman is being paid for the exclusive video footage shot by Radaronline. But it must be a pretty sweet sum since she signed a confidential contract that “bars her from providing interviews with other information outlets,” she is also “not allowed to say anything disparaging about RadarOnline for two years.”

If you had twelve mouths to feed, would you do a deal like this, and perhaps stretch the regulations, to ensure that you could financially care for your family? 



Jon & Kate Under Investigation

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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