Odd Alert: Ring of Baby Skeletons Found in Ancient Peruvian Tomb

There are times I really yearn for a magic mirror, not to tell me that I am the fairest in the land,  but to peek at the past and see history in action, especially when there are unsolved mysteries from centuries ago.  I want to know the how, when, where and most importantly…why.  My wish for a magic mirror today comes on the heels of news of an ancient tomb that was found in Peru. A tomb that included a carefully arranged ring of skeletons of babies…

Yes, a ring of skeletons of babies.

The tomb according to the National Geographic was found this spring in an ancient site called Pachacamac (located 20 miles south of the Peruvian capital of Lima.). Archeologists found about eighty bodies in what reportedly is said to be the largest tomb found at the site that was home to the Ychsma, “the little-understood pre-Inca people who built their largest known city at Pachacamac.” The body count included about a dozen babies, with the skeletons arranged in a specific way with the heads of the infants pointing to the center of the tomb.  The rest of the skeletons radiated out from the circle of babies with all the bodies posed in a fetal position.

The research team led by Peter Eeckhout of Université libre de Bruxelles in Belgium doesn’t have an answer to why the infants were arranged this way or how they ended up there. He noted that, “The ratio adult/children is unusually elevated at this burial.” They do have a couple of ideas of what happened, “We have, at this stage, two hypotheses: human sacrifice or stocking of babies dead from natural causes, kept until their disposal in the tomb because of its special character.”

But without that before mentioned magic mirror, we may never know how they got there, or why there were put in such positions.

You can check out a variety of images from the dig via National Geographic right here.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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