Olympic Athlete Publishes Stalkers Address on Facebook

German Olympic hopeful Ariane Friedrich was tired of some guy sending her photos of his genitals, so she decided to take rather radical action: first, she filed a police report, and then she published his name and his city on her Facebook wall.

According to the New York Times, who translated her posting from its original German, she said she was done just tolerating the unwelcome attention.

“There is simply a point where enough is enough,” Ms. Friedrich wrote in German on Saturday in response to the flood of comments her post had generated. “It’s time to act, it’s time to defend myself. And that is what I am doing. Nothing more and nothing less.”

In Germany, where privacy is rigidly protected, a firestorm has erupted about this public shaming. Some claim she has actually violated German law that protects anything sent in letter form, including email (the original message including the photo was sent via Facebook’s messaging system, so the question is whether or not that is actually email). Others have turned the table, making her the perpetrator instead of the victim.

Meanwhile, I’m left sitting here wondering why on earth ANY man thinks we want to see photos of their junk unsolicited. In fact, I don’t know many women that WOULD solicit photos of men’s genitalia. It’s just sorry, guys not all that interesting. But I’m not sure I would publicly out someone that sent such photos to me, either.

The momosphere, sadly, is not immune to these antics of men-behaving-badly. Karen Sugarpants’ famous post from 2010 “Dear Internet Boys” was a harsh reminder that as more men entered the parenting blogging space, not all of them were behaving honorably (although, happily, that case appears to be the VERY rare exception, and in fact most men in the online parenting space are wonderfully awesome dudes).

So what do you think? Was Ms. Friedrich out of line when she outed her stalker/harasser? Should she have just altered her privacy settings, or does she have the right to expect to be able to open her email without seeing unsolicited nudity? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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