Olympics: An Inside Look at the Life of the Women's Gymnastics Team in Photos

The Golden Girls minus Gabby

Watching the United States Women’s Gymnastics team, it’s easy to forget that the “Fab Five,” “Fierce Five,” or “Golden Girls”  — as they can now be called — are just that: girls.

Kyla Ross is just 15, McKayla Maroney and Gabby Douglas are both 16, Jordyn Wieber is 17, and Aly Raisman, the senior member of the team, is just 18. These teenagers are so well-composed, so focused, and so in control of their bodies. And this week, they proved that they are also amazing under pressure.

During the team finals, it was hard to keep in mind that they are teenagers — teenagers who love Justin Bieber (Jordyn is a big fan), are starstruck when they see other athletes, and  goof around just like other girls their age. But these five American teenagers just so happen to be wearing some pretty impressive hardware around their necks these days.

Being that these gals are teens, they are — by some kind of cyber law — obligated to tweet. And tweet they do. They tweet photos of their new outfits, tweet photos of their days in the Olympic village, and tweet photos of the other stars they meet.

Check out their journey to the gold in the form of their personal photos right here:


  • The Gold! 1 of 23
    The Gold!
    Jordyn Wieber and her first gold medal.
    Photo credit: @jordyn_wieber/Twitter
  • Goodnight! 2 of 23
    "Goodnight from @mckaylamaroney and I" — Aly Raisman
    Photo credit: @Aly_Raisman/Twitter
  • The Pins 3 of 23
    The Pins
    Even the Olympians get into pin trading. Jordyn's caption for this one: "Trading pins like a couple of maniacs."
    Photo credit: @jordyn_wieber/Twitter
  • Team Photo 4 of 23
    Team Photo
    A intimate team photo.
    Photo credit: @McKaylaMaroneyr/Twitter
  • With the Olympic Mascot 5 of 23
    With the Olympic Mascot
    "Moments like this... Priceless." — Jordyn Wieber
    Photo credit: @jordyn_wieber/Twitter
  • Team Photo 6 of 23
    Team Photo
    Yes, they look like they're ready to win.
    Photo credit: @jordyn_wieber/Twitter
  • London 7 of 23
    "Loving this weather in London!!!!!☀ -Ps. Kyla was in a ice bucket next to me & wouldn't let me take a picture." — McKayla Maroney
    Photo credit: @McKaylaMaroney/Twitter
  • Blowing Kisses 8 of 23
    Blowing Kisses
    The team hanging out in the Olympic village.
    Photo credit: @jordyn_wieber/Twitter
  • Say Cheese! 9 of 23
    Say Cheese!
    Jordyn Wieber and Aly Raisman were all smiles.
    Photo credit: @Aly_Raisman/Twitter
  • The Team with Michael Phelps 10 of 23
    The Team with Michael Phelps
    "One of the best things about staying in the Olympic Village is meeting all the amazing athletes!!" — McKayla Maroney
    Photo credit: @McKaylaMaroney/Twitter
  • The Team with Ryan Lochte 11 of 23
    The Team with Ryan Lochte
    Jordyn's tweet was a special message for swimmer Ryan Lochte: "It was awesome talking to @ryanlochte today! Love, the gymnasts"
    Photo credit: @jordyn_wieber/Twitter
  • The Team with Bruce Jenner 12 of 23
    The Team with Bruce Jenner
    The team got to meet Bruce Jenner which was exciting for Kyla Ross who wrote, "Can't believe we got to meet Bruce Jenner!! I love the Kardashians❤"
    Photo credit: @jordyn_wieber/Twitter
  • The Team with Ryan Seacrest 13 of 23
    The Team with Ryan Seacrest
    Doing promotion with Ryan Seacrest, all in a day's work for these girls.
    Photo credit: @jordyn_wieber/Twitter
  • The Team with Nathan Adrian 14 of 23
    The Team with Nathan Adrian
    The team looks so petite next to gold medal swimmer Nathan Adrian.
    Photo credit: @jordyn_wieber/Twitter
  • On Fire! 15 of 23
    On Fire!
    "Me holding the Olympic torch!" — Jordyn Wieber
    Photo credit: @jordyn_wieber/Twitter
  • Short 16 of 23
    "OMG I knew we were short just not this short!!! #mindblown" — Aly Raisman
    Photo credit: @Aly_Raisman/Twitter
  • London 17 of 23
    Aly tweeted, "London 2012 babyyyyy." Yes, London did them right.
    Photo credit: @Aly_Raisman/Twitter
  • Kisses for All! 18 of 23
    Kisses for All!
    Yeah, they know they rule.
    Photo credit: @Aly_Raisman/Twitter
  • The Team with Lashawn Merritt 19 of 23
    The Team with Lashawn Merritt
    "Me n my girls with Lashawn Merritt! London2012" — Gabby Douglas
    Photo credit: @gabrielledoug/ Twitter
  • Ice, Ice Baby 20 of 23
    Ice, Ice Baby
    "Ice bath with my loves!!! 🙂 gabby was in the mini ice bucket!" — Aly Raisman
    Photo credit: @Aly_Raisman/Twitter
  • The Team with the Torch 21 of 23
    The Team with the Torch
    A perfect photo op.
    Photo credit: @McKaylaMaroney/Twitter
  • Proud 22 of 23
    "So proud of my team!!! We rocked the house today!!!" — McKayla Maroney
    Photo credit: @McKaylaMaroney/Twitter
  • Pretty in Pink 23 of 23
    Pretty in Pink
    "Matched the arena perfectly today!" — McKayla Maroney
    Photo credit: @McKaylaMaroney/Twitter

Photo: Aly Raisman’s  Twitter


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