Olympics: Kerri Walsh Jennings & Misty May-Treanor Win Third Gold Medal — Why Is This Misty's Last Game?

Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor in 2008

Kerri Walsh Jennings & Misty May-Treanor are awesome, and after winning their final game at the Olympics, their awesomeness isn’t just conjecture, but fact. The duo said they wanted “to go down as the best team in history” and by winning their third straight gold medal for beach volleyball, they did just that. But this was an end of an era. The Olympics final was Misty May-Treanor’s last professional match and it was a tearful farewell to the sport, with teammate Kerri fighting off tears when they were interviewed after the game.

So why is Misty planning on missing out on future games? The 35-year-old volleyball superstar, who is the most decorated female beach volleyball player in history, said, “It’s time for me to be a wife. I want to be a mom and share time with my family.” Misty added, “all of us as athletes sacrifice more on the family end than people maybe realize.” Her teammate Kerri Walsh Jennings is married to fellow pro-beach volleyball player Casey Jennings and is also a mom; the couple has two young sons, Joseph Michael (born in 2009) and Sundance Thomas (born in 2010).

The two aren’t just teammates on the sand, but are very close friends as well. After they won their last match for Olympic gold, Kerri Walsh Jennings grabbed her two young sons and  she and “Auntie Turtle” (the boys’ name for Misty) held them tight. It was a family affair, one that these two Olympic sisters shared. The women will be forever tied to each other in triumph, medals and friendship. “The first two medals, I think was more volleyball,” Misty said. “The friendship we had was there, but it was all volleyball, volleyball. This was so much more about the friendship, the togetherness, the journey. And volleyball was just a small part of it.”

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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