OMG: Your Husband Does That Too?!

It’s not uncommon to swap kid stories with other mothers. It is often a way for us to create commonality among one another and remind us that we aren’t the only one occasionally challenged by this blessing called motherhood. You mean your kid insists she doesn’t have to go to the bathroom until you’re in line at the grocery store where she suddenly declares that she can’t hold it any longer? Yes ladies, my kid does that too.

While our kids are the substance of what our mommy stories are made of sometimes it’s nice to swap stories about husbands too. Although it may seem that many of us have married our knights in shinning armor beneath that armor is a man ”• a strong, intelligent, handsome, and yet sometimes oh—so annoying man.

Not long ago, Your Tango released a list of the “Top 10 Annoying Habits Men Need To Kick.”  The fact that they did the “Top 10” might lead you to believe there’s more.

In the spirit of giving I will give our Misters a break and only list 10 more annoying things that they do. Take a look and then be sure to visit Your Tango for their top 10!

Continue reading for 10 (more) annoying things other husbands are doing too.

1. Pretends he can’t hear the baby crying

Much like children husbands have selective hearing and somehow, unlike you and your baby, manage to conveniently sleep through the night.

2. Eats without a plate

Crumbs everywhere. Also known as plate conservation at its finest.

3. Laughs hysterically and loudly

Really? Is this episode of George Lopez really that funny?! Haven’t you seen it about two dozen times? Not to mention, you’re going to wake up the baby!

4. “I’m babysitting”

I may have missed something here but why are you telling your friend you can’t go out because you’re “babysitting”? Aren’t they your kids?

5. Parks his car in the garage too close to yours

I don’t know about you but I happen to like having to climb over the seat to get in or out of my car especially, with a pregnant belly and while already running late (true story).

6. Gets everything from the store except…

The one thing you specifically asked for.

7. You ask him how you look and he says…

“You look fine” only, he didn’t really look at you.

8. Makes your kids fly

He makes your precious baby go airborne causing your heart to plummet with each squeal they let out.

9. Stays in the bathroom

He takes his phone and disappears into the bathroom for what feels like forever. Why does he get to hide in the bathroom when you can’t even pee in peace?

10. Invites company over without telling you

Everyone knows you need time to clean, and maybe even get dressed, before company comes over. Everyone except him.


As shiny as that armor may be, even knights are human but, I’d still like to know, did I leave anything out? Tell us what annoying things your husband does. Chances are someone else’s (like mine maybe) husband does that too!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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