OMG! Your Smart Phone is Killing You RIGHT NOW!

Okay, not really. But if you listen to the news, our smart phones are putting us in some sort of nothing-I-can-do-about-it danger every single day. But as mom bloggers, we rely on our phones as much or more than the most prominent CEO; we’re writing blog posts while waiting in pick-up lines, checking email, and tweeting out info left and right. I know I couldn’t survive the business side of blogging without my iPhone.

But… a story about cell phones caught my eye the other day and I began thinking about the many, many news stories I’ve seen about cell and smart phones, and I thought I’d share with you all the ways you need to be VERY AFRAID OF YOUR PHONE.

  • Oh NOES! Eye Strain! 1 of 7
    Oh NOES! Eye Strain!
    How close do you put your phone to your face?
    Apparently, in order to use your phone safely, you need to hold your phone out in front of you like you need reading glasses. In good news, if you need reading glasses, you're using your phone properly! Go you!
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  • Stalkers! They Can Find You! 2 of 7
    Stalkers! They Can Find You!
    Yep. Those pesky geotags can tell people where you live.
    Um, isn't that why they are called "geotags"? To peg where you are, GEOGRAPHICALLY?
    Thanks for stating the obvious, yo.
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  • You’ll NEVER SLEEP AGAIN 3 of 7
    Using your phone before bed tricks your brain into thinking it's daytime!
    Uh oh. Maybe that's why I can't get to sleep.
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  • You Are Being Aggragated 4 of 7
    You Are Being Aggragated
    Yep, if you use a smart phone, chances are that someone is collecting all your data geotracking, map checking, FourSquare check ins, that sexy text you sent to your husband and storing it somewhere.
    Yawn. DUH.
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  • Got Yer Password! 5 of 7
    Got Yer Password!
    Okay, this is creepy! Apparently, there is software that can use a smart phone to collect your passwords based on vibrations.
    Basically, if you're at the coffee shop and sharing a table with a stranger and they have their phone on the table? If you log into your bank account, they could conceivably be using your keyboard vibrations to determine what your password is. To an 80% accuracy.
    Oh dear.
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  • Your Smart Phone Is Set To Self Destruct… when? 6 of 7
    Your Smart Phone Is Set To Self Destruct... when?
    Yikes. Cell phones explode. OMG. In China, an exploding phone actually killed a man by severing his artery when it exploded.
    Okay. This one IS scary.
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  • That’s NOT Chocolate On Your Phone… 7 of 7
    That's NOT Chocolate On Your Phone...
    Apparently, some folks in England swabbed a bunch of smart phones and cell phones and found...
    You might want to sit down.
    80% of phones have fecal matter on them.
    I know.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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