On Co-Dependency, Narcissism, Rielle Hunter and John Edwards

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Hunter's memoir is out Tuesday, June 26.

Oh boy. I just caught the second half of Chris Cuomo’s 20/20 special on Rielle Hunter. In a word, it was mindblowing. Hunter has a memoir about her “love affair” (vomit) with John Edwards coming out on Tuesday, entitled, “What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me.” In the interview with Cuomo, Hunter disses Elizabeth Edwards over and over again, saying she doesn’t ever mean to be mean about Elizabeth, but consistently uses Elizabeth’s alleged controlling demeanor as an excuse for John’s lies and betrayal.

Hunter’s and Edwards’ “love affair” is a classic case of a co-dependent sucked into the hyper-sexualized, intense and upside-down world of a narcissist (take it from one who knows!), but Hunter is absolutely blind to that fact – almost literally – in that she obsessively repeats that her love for John “blinded” her, making her unable to walk away, even when things became totally insane. Like when Andrew Young claimed he was the father of her baby, or when John Edwards went on TV to vehemently deny that he was Quinn’s dad.

Here are some clips. Buckle in:

Re: Edwards’ legal woes, here’s Hunter’s co-dependence in action: So if you go to jail in Virginia, we’ll just move to Virginia. No problem, buddy! I love Virginia! And JAIL!!! Jail is a great place to bring a kid!!!

“First and foremost I’m a mom. And I’m also a woman who fell in love with a married man.” Ummmmmmmm…..

Co-dependence in action: “I went there because I believed I could help him.” I believed I could help him. Here are a professional’s thoughts on co-dependence. I don’t agree with every single word, but I found this an extremely enlightening read, and it has a lot to do with parenting, so I suggest anyone – even happy, well-adjusted, functional people – check the link.

I can sympathize with Hunter’s co-dependency, and even the ways she makes excuses for John, but when she shit talks Elizabeth, that’s where I have to draw the line. Elizabeth Edwards for her own part was *also* trapped in a relationship with a narcissist, but in terms of Hunter using Elizabeth as a scapegoat – there I have to call bullshit. Elizabeth is a woman who died of cancer the year this whole affair was unravelling, and Hunter is calling her an evil harpy? No way. Sorry. Wrong. The worst of this whole thing is, Hunter’s daughter isn’t going to benefit from any of her mother’s analysis of Quinn’s birth story, because none of it is actually the truth. Hunter thinks she’s telling the truth, but she’s clearly not ready in any way shape or form to face the actual truth. It’s truly jaw-dropping stuff.

Your thoughts?

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