On Life and Love: 5 Lessons Our Mothers Have Taught Us

For some of us one of the most important relationships in our lives is the one we have with our mother. In many cases our mothers were our first teachers. From the moment they first rubbed their bellies as they carried us in their wombs (or perhaps even before that first belly rub) came the outward displays of their love for us. From the rhythmic rocking they did while we cried as infants to the bandaging of our scraped school-aged knees, to the wiping of tears during our tween and teenage years our mothers have been there to love, guide, comfort, and teach. Even as adults the impact they have had on our own lives is ever present. It sometimes manifests itself in a small voice of reason as we contemplate a choice wondering all the while, what our mother might think if she knew or saw or, in a moment in which we carry out an action causing us to utter the words, “I’m turning into my mother” under our breath.

A special thing about the mother child relationship is that it is not limited to those who share the same genetic makeup as us. A mother can be a person who has nurtured you at some time in your life, a person who you have allowed to inhabit a special place in your heart much like you inhabit a special place in theirs. One of the gifts we give to our mothers is our hearts perhaps as a thank you for the fact that they gave us life and then filled it with love. If we are fortunate they protect and cherish us as best they know how and they teach us how to do the same, knowing that one day we will venture out into the world no longer tightly grasping their hand as we did when we were small.

In celebration of our mothers and the lessons they have taught us I asked members of the Babble family to share love lessons they have learned from their mothers. Take a look at 5 lessons we have learned from our mothers:

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  • Accountability 2 of 6

    "My mom never bailed me out of my mistakes. She never brought me forgotten lunches, field trip forms, or homework to school. If I wanted to go somewhere I had to figure out the bus system or ride my bike. I walked to school. She taught me how to read a map. If I wanted to participate in after school activities it was up to me to arrange my schedule so I could. I was told if I was ever arrested I'd be spending the night in jail. She was a single mom with a demanding full time job, while she supported me in all I did, she did an amazing job of pushing me to rely only on myself and be accountable for my responsibilities from a very young age. I don't think parents do that enough anymore. While it seems scary to make your kids figure out things for themselves, my confidence and independence in my own abilities has served me incredibly well throughout my life."

    ~ Casey Mullins, Babble Contributor

  • Character Counts 3 of 6

    "First of all, my mom is pretty much one of the most compassionate, loving people I know! She taught me early on not to judge a person by his social status, job or the like, but by how he treats other people — essentially, by his character and not his material possessions. This is something that has stuck with me since I was young, and it really sums up my mom's philosophy, which I think has changed not only my life for the better but also my dad's and brother's too."

    ~ Mindy Carstensen, Babble Editorial Assistant (pictured with her mother Kathy Carstensen)

  • Be Wise 4 of 6

    "My mother never finished school but she's one of the wisest women I know. The wrinkles through the crows feet around her eyes all have a story to tell of her courage, strength and faith."

    ~ Mari Hernandez-Tuten, Babble Contributor (pictured with her mother Rocio Hernandez)

  • Laugh and Love 5 of 6

    "I was a neurotic child, and often became extremely frustrated when I found that I wasn't good at some particular skill or activity. My mother, who at the time was an illustrator and comedienne, would tell me, "You have other gifts." She could soothe even the most apocalyptic-seeming problems with the sheer force of her kindness and humor. She raised my sister and I to laugh as often as possible, and love even more."

    ~ Dana Kimmelman, Community Contributor

  • Love Doesn’t Turn Its Back 6 of 6

    "My mother was there when it felt as though the rest of the world had turned its back on me. I know it wasn't easy for her watching her nineteen year old daughter's belly grow as she was carrying a baby. While my mother was not happy with my choices she realized that being a grandma was a gift and worthy of her excitement. She also knew that her daughter needed her. So she stopped focusing on how she was feeling and promised me that she would be there for me. And she was. She and my daughter are so close and through her my mother and I became closer than we ever were."

    ~ Krishann Briscoe, Babble Contributor (pictured with her mother Jacqueline)

Happy Mother’s Day! And a special thank you to our mothers for the lessons they have taught us. What are some lessons on life and love you have learned from your mother or a mother figure?


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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