On Turning Limitations Into Creative Opportunities

One thing I seem to hear a lot from people is “how do you do it all?” And usually my answer is a most definite “I don’t!” I don’t ever want to even appear as though I’m doing it all, because really, who likes that person?

MYTH: that if I only had {insert freedom here…more time, money, the perfect work space, more friends, more clout, more traffic, etc etc etc!} I’d be able to do the work I really want to do.

So what is the truth?

REALITY: plenty of people out there have those aforementioned perfection circumstances, and they are still not doing the work they want to do. Why is that?

It takes so much more than perfect circumstances to develop ideas, turn them into something, connect with people who will do it with you, and make a finished result. Most people give up along the way.

The difference between those who are doing what they want, and those who are not, is that one group knows how to take limitations and either change them, shape them or ignore them. You create what you want out of life, for better or worse. This is where I originally came up with my blog name — To Think Is To Create!

So, the question is: which group are you? Are you allowing limitations to slow down your blog dreams? Maybe re-framing your situation, getting creative and finding new pathways is how you really get to the magic. Make that limitation your friend, the necessary obstacle that brings you to that seemingly mythical place, and you’ll soon see where it takes you (hint: your dreams!).


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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