One Airline Does What So Many Others Dream About — Bans Kids Entirely

iStock_000013637925XSmallIt’s no secret that more than ever, kids are persona non grata in the friendly skies. Jet Blue kicked off one family recently after a toddler had a brief tantrum over sitting down and getting buckled in. Alaska Airlines called the cops on another family after the flight crew felt they weren’t authoritative enough to handle a couple of unruly kids. One airline actually has a sense of humor about kids on airplanes. No matter which way you look at it, however, it has become pretty clear: No one likes to fly with kids.

One airline is making that fact crystal clear. Malaysia Airlines will ban children not just in first class, but also in the economy seats on it’s new double-decker A380 aircraft, according to reports (via the New York Daily News).

The “superjumbo” jet will start flying this summer, and will restrict seats on the plane not just by price, but also by age.

The move was announced in an “advisory” to travel agents, which stated, “Passengers accompanying children under 12 years old age will be excluded from booking [certain] seats.”

The top deck of the flight will be a mix of economy and business class seats, and kids under 12 are not allowed in any of them. The lower deck, which is first class, already prohibited babies. The airline’s CEO tweeted last year that they had received complaints from top-paying customers about the inability to sleep due to “crying children.”

Here’s hoping passengers on the fancy new aircraft get some much-needed rest from all of those crying children. And here’s hoping the airline looks into why it is that so many children are crying on their planes.

Because as much of a nuisance as the occasional noisy baby or toddler is on some flights, if there are so many who are crying on Malaysia Airlines’ flights, perhaps the problem lies with the airline, and not the kids. Just a thought.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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