Online Haters of Kate Gosselin Outed To Employers

bullyvilleIn a shocking move, the website Bullyville decided to track down and identify the anonymous online haters attacking Kate Gosselin. It’s rather surprising to hear that, well, anyone really wants to defend the hated former reality TV star.

It is true, however, that Ms. Gosselin gets far more than a fair share of hate, particularly on Twitter. This attracted the attention of Bullyville, and according to Radar Online, they decided to notify the employers of the online bullies about their online hobbies.

Bullyville announced the retaliation on Twitter.

Bullyville spent the day Monday tweeting at the haters directly.

Here’s the image attached in that tweet.


One hater was revealed to be a 62 year old woman, according to Radar Online. Clearly the haters are rattled; several have already made public apologies to the TV star. One such person issued an apology, according to The Hollywood Gossip, for a vague death threat.

A women who uses the handle @chancertheboxer admits that McGibney found and posted her real name (which is not being printed here) on the web.The woman reached out to celebrity gossip site Radar and asked that they relay the following message: “I am writing to apologize to Kate GOSSELIN.”

In the apology, @chancertheboxer wanted to convey that the “remember Selena” reference she made was not a death threat, as many believed. She wrote: “happy bday to a GRIFTING, stealing, lying child & animal abusing (censored) (censored). Hope u choke on ur birthday cake. REMEMBER SELENA.”

“I should not have been so vile,” the Kate Gosselin stalker admits.”It was a little creepy sounding … The Selena reference was brought in because of what happened to her. You know when her number 1 fan gunned her down.”

Whether or not you agree with Bullyville’s methods (even as a person with her own fair share of haters I’m conflicted), it is interesting to see a possible end to the anonymous internet. What do you think? Is what Bullyville did fair? Should bullies be outed?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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