Oops! High School Teacher Accidentally Facebooks Naked Photo of Himself

Paul Withee

Facebook is totally ruining the careers of a lot of people.  Maine high school football coach Paul Withee is the latest example.  As Yahoo Sports reports, he accidentally posted a nude photo of himself on Facebook.  And, as everyone knows, when you post a photo all your friends can see it.  That’s kind of the point.  Withee was friends with the players of his football team, their parents and a whole lot of other folks I’m sure he didn’t want seeing him in the buff.

Withee, who is also a math and science teacher at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High, resigned yesterday, just days after he posted the nude photo on his publicly viewable Facebook page.

So what was he doing with nude photos of himself in the first place?

Withee has refused to publicly comment on the incident but allegedly claims they were only intended for his girlfriend but instead of attaching them to a message meant only for her he posted them to his general Facebook profile instead.  Sounds like he unintentionally pulled an Anthony Weiner.  Oxford Hills Superintendent Rick Colpitts told Portland ABC affiliate WMTW that the photo was only online for around 10 minutes before it removed.  Sorry fella.  You’re living in a time when someone is ALWAYS on Facebook.  Not only that, but even if you delete it from your profile I believe it’ll still show up in the feed of someone viewing Facebook from their smart phone.  I learned that the hard way after leaving someone a confrontational comment that I deleted seconds later, however, they saw the comment from their smartphone.

In Withee’s case a student saw the photo and told his parents who immediately reported it.  It isn’t known whether Withee realized the mistake on his own or someone informed him.  Either way, sheesh.  Can you imagine the feeling of sheer horror Whithee felt upon realizing that he just posted his naked bits for the world to see?  Oy vey.  My two cents?  To everyone.  Be ye not so stupid.  Keep your nudie photos as far away from your social media pages as possible.

It brings the topic of teachers and students being friends on Facebook to mind.  The Oxford Hills School District has a general policy that allows the Facebook friendships of teachers and students.  There is no indication any of the students saw the naked photo of Withee, but again, wouldn’t they be able to see it from their smart phone even if he already deleted it?  My main question to you:  do you think teachers and students should be friends on Facebook?  Why or why

You can see the local news report on the scandal in the video below.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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