Prime Real Estate: 17 Disney Dream Homes

Imagine if you will, a Disney real estate magazine that provided a listing of castles or cottages that belonged to some of Disney’s favorite characters! Let’s say we all had a chance to check out some of Disney’s famous houses, palaces and castles, wouldn’t that be great?  Can you imagine the open houses for some of these shindigs?

Some of my favorite shows on TV are the real estate shows; the selling of properties and seeing what houses go for is so much fun. How exciting would it be if we all had the chance to bid and buy a famous Disney home?

If Nemo’s coral reef had a open house, would you go? How about a visit to a  lovely castle by the beach or a palatial summer home in an exotic country?  Here are 17 properties that we all know and recognize. Let’s check it out!


  • Prime Disney Real Estate Properties! 1 of 18
    Prime Disney Real Estate Properties!
    Come on in and check out some of Disney's prime real estate properties! Which house is move-in ready for you?
  • Prince Charming and Snow White’s Castle 2 of 18
    Prince Charming and Snow White's Castle
    Who wouldn't want a castle in the clouds? Can you imaging the view from up there? Photo Source: Walt Disney Studios
  • Nemo’s Anemone 3 of 18
    Nemo's Anemone
    The Great Barrier Reef. According to Marlin, this is one anemone that is highly sought after. It boasts a desirable drop off, great schools and an amazing view. Nuff' said! Photo Source: Pixar Studios
  • The 7 Dwarf’s Cottage 4 of 18
    The 7 Dwarf's Cottage
    If you are looking for something quiet and secluded, how about living in a quaint cottage, in the middle of the forest? Photo Source: Walt Disney Studios
  • Princess Jasmine’s Castle 5 of 18
    Princess Jasmine's Castle
    A palace fit for a princess. I think this should be at the top of every real estate agent's list as a must-see home. Photo Source: Walt Disney Studios
  • Glinda, The Good Witch’s Castle 6 of 18
    Glinda, The Good Witch's Castle
    Whoa. Traveling to the city of Oz can be a bit of a tizzy. Still, I think the views from Glinda's castle must be magical. Photo Source: Walt Disney Studios
  • Rapunzel’s Tower 7 of 18
    Rapunzel's Tower
    A first of its kind! It boasts a great security system, panoramic views and it comes with state of the art interior wall decorations! Winner! Photo Source: Walt Disney Studios
  • Carl and Ellie’s Home 8 of 18
    Carl and Ellie's Home
    How about a house that floats? Wouldn't it be great if we can all just lift our homes straight from the foundation and plant it next to our very own "Paradise Falls"? Photo Source: Pixar Studios
  • Disneyland 9 of 18
    Whether we've said it when we were younger or just last week, Disneyland is one cool place to live, right? Photo Source: Disneylandia al Día
  • The Dunbroch Castle 10 of 18
    The Dunbroch Castle
    Living in a castle with lush vegetation must be a dream to live in. Surrounded by all the beauty of Scotland must be a selling point for sure. Photo Source: Pixar Studios
  • Ken and Barbie’s Dream Home 11 of 18
    Ken and Barbie's Dream Home
    This dream home is featured in Toy Story 3. Even more so if it comes with all the accessories, the dream car and a closet full of clothes! Photo Source: Pixar Studios
  • Beast’s Castle 12 of 18
    Beast's Castle
    Before the spell was broken, we saw how sad and scary the castle that Beast lived in. Since Belle broke the spell, this castle should be a hot commodity since it boasts a pretty awesome library, don't you think?
    Photo Source: Jen/Flickr
  • Walt Disney World 13 of 18
    Walt Disney World
    For all of you who have visited the Magic Kingdom, I'm sure the sentiments are the same as with Disneyland. Someone, somewhere has wished to live in Walt Disney World. And you know what, I do too!
    Photo Source: Chris Harrison/Flickr
  • Tarzan’s Treehouse 14 of 18
    Tarzan's Treehouse
    The Treehouse that beats all the treehouses in the world. For those who have taken the walking tour of the home, what do you think? Can you imagine living there with your family? I think my kids would love it more than I would. Ha! Photo Source: Disneylandia al Día
  • Rapunzel’s Castle 15 of 18
    Rapunzel's Castle
    A castle that is perched high above its kingdom is stunning. The view must be amazing from all the bedroom windows! Photo Source: Walt Disney Studios
  • Sleeping Beauty’s Castle 16 of 18
    Sleeping Beauty's Castle
    Every Southern Californian's dream home. Believe it or not, Sleeping Beauty's Castle is one of the items on my Disney bucket list. I want to go inside the castle and just take it all in. Whether there's nothing to look at or some secret passageway that leads to a fun ride, this is one property that I will swoop up in a flash. Photo Source: Disneylandia al Día
  • Prince Eric’s Castle 17 of 18
    Prince Eric's Castle
    A castle by the sea. For me, there's nothing like waking up to a view of the ocean and the sound of crashing waves. Love! Photo Source: Walt Disney Studios
  • Cinderella’s Castle 18 of 18
    Cinderella's Castle
    The castle of all castles. The cream of the crop. This is the only castle that us humans CAN actually stay for a visit and experience the royal treatment while on vacation. It's a start right?
    Photo Source: Chris Harrison/Flickr


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