O'Reilly Goes After David After Dentist's Dad

david-after-dentistAttention everyone. I have an announcement to make. The apocalypse is nigh.

Brett. Dude. What happened? Did pigs fly? Did the Illuminati issue a secret order to exterminate all non-believers?

No, no. Nothing like that. Something far, far more serious.

I… sort of agree with Bill O’Reilly.

Note that I’m saying “sort of.” I still think that O’Reilly is impossibly cruel, dangerously inflammatory and possibly psychotic. But in this case he… this is difficult… c’mon man, you can do it… he… well, he kind of has a point.

Bill took the time to interview David DeVore, Sr., father of David DeVore, Jr. There is a video of David Jr. all doped up on nitrous after a trip to the dentist (creatively titled “David After Dentist”). I admit that it’s kind of funny. But it’s also a strange thing to share with the world. David doesn’t do anything horribly embarrassing while under the influence of “the gas”, but as a father, I wouldn’t feel right posting his exploits on the ‘net for everyone to see. Mostly I don’t see the point to it. I’m sure that dad didn’t think that the video would garner 20 million+ YouTube hits (seriously, check the number). Still, by making it public, he puts his son “out there” and subjects him to criticism that he wouldn’t otherwise have to deal with. Sure, he’s a little kid and probably won’t read the comments. But eventually he’ll get older and will have to deal with it.

How is this different from The Gosselins, or any of the other kiddie pimps out there? You could argue that the Gosselins are better — at least they’re making a lot of money off of their family. Granted, the dentist video doesn’t reveal nearly as much as the average episode of “Jon and Kate Plus 8.” But I can at least understand the motivation — money — even as I strongly disagree with the decision. David DeVore, Sr. (the father) did make a website where he is hawking t-shirts celebrating his son’s YouTube celebrity. So maybe he’ll make a few bucks from that. Either way, it’s not something I personally condone.

So where do I disagree with Billy O? Well, he’s a dick. He goes after the father with his usual self-righteous, “who’s looking out for you?” schtick. This particular version is Bill’s patented “I don’t agree with you, but you don’t seem like a bad guy” routine; as if being deemed a “good guy” by O’Reilly is a compliment. As Gawker puts it, the Billster thinks that YouTube should have higher standards than Fox News, who regularly ambush people both in their studio and out on the street. So while I don’t think that David Sr. should have put the video of David Jr. on YouTube, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I feel “queasy” about it. (Much of what O’Reilly does on The Factor? That makes me feel queasy.) I’m just on the other side of the current trend of putting your family’s lives online, particularly when it comes to video of embarrassing moments.

One positive thing to take away from this. If Bill O’Reilly and I can find some common ground on an issue, any issue, however small, then there is hope for folks of all political stripes.

Source: Gawker

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