Our Dirty Nightime Secret: Parents Come Out Of The Co-Sleeping Closet On GMA

Many parents enjoy co-sleeping just as much as their children do.

Well, it’s really no secret that we are a co-sleeping family. But it’s definitely a touchy subject. It does seem “the norm” is to not talk about it because most people in America think if you’re co-sleeping you’re doing it wrong, but I have also confessed a secret from the other side- that even co-sleepers complain sometimes about sharing a bed, it’s not nearly perfect. I definitely have found that we get much more quality sleep when co-sleeping vs. putting our baby in a crib, from past experiences. But I’ve also come to the conclusion that no matter where your baby or toddler sleeps – whether it is in your bed or in their crib- none of us are getting much sleep.


Good Morning America featured the segment Parents Open Up About Their Co-Sleeping Children and I happened to enjoy and relate to the video immensely.

Cameron Mathison, special contributor to GMA, shared he has mixed feelings about finally moving his 5 year old into her own bed: he likes the snuggle time and enjoys it. It’s not just about the kid ruling the roost by wanting to sleep with mom and dad or getting their way; sometimes the parents want their kids in the bed with them, too. And why should we let others make us feel bad about it?

Technically, my almost-three-year old daughter is in her own bed in another room now, but many nights she wakes up next to me in mine, and sometimes will even start the night out with my husband and me. And that is totally okay for now. It works for us. Our five year old son slept with us until he was almost four and has made a fabulous and successful transition to his own bed for well over a year now. “Night-time parenting”, like day-time parenting (or parenting in general, duh), involves lots of decisions to be made that work best for the parents and the kid… despite whatever other people think “the norm” should be. Sweet dreams!

What happens when parents disagree about co-sleeping?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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