Over 30,000 Women Sign Up For Ashley Madison The Day After Mother's Day

OK, ladies. Who signed up for this website yesterday? Raise your hands. And please explain yourself in the comments (anonymously if you like).

I wrote last week about Ashley Madison’s prediction that almost 30,000 women would enroll in its guaranteed cheating service the Monday after Mother’s Day. Today they report that 31,427 new accounts were opened by women yesterday. This is more than 10 times the traffic they get on a regular day.

Their theory is that women come to their site looking for anyone to make them feel appreciated after their men let them down on Mother’s Day.

Quite a few of you were unsympathetic to my thumbing my nose at this notion in my last post. So here’s my experience: Sunday morning my kids crawled into bed with me, presented me with a shoebox full of crude drawings and a chocolate covered strawberry. They told me they loved me. Then they ate the strawberry.

My husband sort of hung around and took pictures. Later we took my mom out for brunch. Towards mid-afternoon, I said, “You know what would make an awesome Mother’s Day present? You could do the laundry.”

He said he would, and forgot.

Not exactly diamond earrings and champagne in bed. Yet somehow I was still not at all tempted to sign up for an affair with a stranger the next morning.

Clearly, I am missing something. So please, in all sincerity, if you have a shiny new account at Ashley Madison and are looking forward to your upcoming infidelity, can you tell me why?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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