Padded Bras for Adolescent Girls? Sure, Why Not?

American Eagle
If these bras weren't made do you think teen girls would find another way to enlarge their boobs? Of course.

I’ve never needed a padded bra, so maybe I’m not the best person to write about them. If I were so flat-chested that I needed one, I wouldn’t actually wear one because I’ve always wished for a smaller chest since I find them more attractive.

That being said, I have known plenty of girls and women who are desperately self-conscious about having small breasts. Apparently American Eagle knows of the same people because they’re now making a new padded bra and appear to be marketing it directly to teenagers, which, of course, has the panties of some critics all in a bunch.

The “Drew” bra boasts it can enhance breasts by two cup sizes to give a “double whoa” effect. As a result of the marketing efforts, some are crying this is an inappropriate product for kids who are young and impressionable. Me? I say, “Meh.”

I’m definitely against lingerie for toddlers. And little girl models who are made to look like fully grown adults. And I hate ad campaigns aimed at kids that show super skinny as sexy and appealing. But wanting large(r) breasts is a tale as old as time. Some want them to impress boys. Some want them to keep up with their friends. If the bras don’t aid them, the tissues and socks will.

Should we, as society, emphasize that there’s more to life than large breasts? Of course. Will it happen in our lifetime? Of course not. It’s not like the bras are promising a discount on future breast enlargement surgery. Just a little wardrobe help. What’s so bad about that?

Are you offended or outraged by push-up bras marketed to teens?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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