Pampers Under Investigation

Proctor & Gamble calls its re-engineered Pampers diapers the biggest innovation in disposable diapers in 25 years. But thousands of parents who have used the new Swaddlers and Cruisers call them a pain in their babies’ butts.

Yesterday, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced it had launched an investigation into whether Pampers Dry Max caused chemical burns and left infants with painful rashes.

Parents have complained for two months that the ultra-thin, super absorbent diapers cause rashes, chemical burns and broken skin. The CPSC will review old and new complaints about the premium diapers as well as talking to P&G about the product.

A Facebook page was launched months ago to demand P&G go back to making diapers the old-fashioned way. Nearly 4,000 members have logged on to complain and recommend alternatives.

The new diapers officially came out in March, though Pampers had been slipping them into some packs since 2009. A company spokesperson says the level of complaints the company is getting is very much in line with what they anticipated.


“It’s one severe rash complaint for every 6 million diaper changes,” [Bryan] McCleary [, a spokesman for P&G’s baby care division,] said.

Parents with complaints about the diapers should go here, or call 1-800-638-2772.

Bad week for makers of kids products. Tylenol and other drugs were pulled from shelves just a few days ago.

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