Parenting FAIL: Couple Leaves Baby in Hot Car to Go to Strip Club

Strip Club Las VegasEvery now and then you hear a story about some idiot parent leaving their baby in the car alone. It gets worse when you hear the infant isn’t just alone but that all the car windows are up. And there some pretty lame excuses about why they did it, ranging from running into their local Piggly Wiggly or going to have a drink at their favorite bar. But this story? It beats both of those.

The parents left their baby in the car, at about 11pm at night, while they went to a strip club.

The authorities were called when they received a call that a baby was alone in a car in Louisville, Kentucky. The caller told them that the couple left the child in the car while they went into a  Showgirls strip club.  When the police arrived the baby boy was by himself “crying and sweating and in distress.”  But the mother Laura Diprimo (who works at the club) claims that she was with her baby the whole time and was there when the police arrived. The baby’s father was also in the club but shouldn’t have been there at all. He is under house arrest and wears an ankle bracelet that is supposed to make sure that he stays home.  The couple were arrested on wanton endangerment.

At the time the temperature was 91 degrees but fortunately the baby was only in there alone for about ten to fifteen minutes, but that is even too long. And the kicker, as the parents were being transported to the police station, they complained that is was too hot in the back seat of the police car.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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