Parenting FAIL: Kids Fire Pellet Guns From Moving Car; Mom Drives On

Pellet guns sure look real sometimes

My kids have gotten into some serious hijinks in the back seat. They’ve yelled, called each other names, called me names, thrown anything that wasn’t nailed down, kicked the back of my seat and asked, “Are we there yet?” approximately 1,000 times.

They have never come close to the level of mischief these Canadian kids got up to, though. A family in a rural Canadian town was pulled over the other day for firing pellet guns at passing cars in traffic.

Five kids were shooting at other cars and firing into the air, while mom drove blithely onward. She confessed to police that she knew what was happening, but did not stop the car.

If there has ever been a “Don’t make me turn this car around!” moment, this is it. Listen, lady. Your kid fires a gun out the window of your moving car, you stop the car. As a first step. Taking the gun away would be step two. Step three is your business. I don’t care if you process about it in therapy or put your kid in time out till he graduates college. Whatevs. But you simply must stop driving and separate the child from the weapons.

Unless you’re trying to raise Bonnie and Clyde.

This mom will have some answering to do with social workers. The police pulled her over after other motorists complained that the five kids in the backseat had shot a gun at him. The pellet guns looked and felt real, said police officers. They said there was a serious danger not only that the pellets might do some damage, but that a frightened or distracted driver could lose control of their car and cause an accident.

After confiscating the pellet guns (see what they did there? They stopped the car and took the guns away. I’m telling you, it’s the thing to do!), police called in social workers to find out what is going on with a woman who lets her own children fire on unsuspecting passersby from a moving vehicle.

The kids in this story were unruly 7-year-olds either. They range in age from 16 to 11. In other words, they are totally old enough to know better. Or they would be, if their mama had raised ’em right.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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