Parenting FAIL: Mom Drives Off with Baby on Roof of Car

Parenting FAIL

There is a scene from the MTV show Jackass where Johnny Knoxville pranked the public by letting them think he was driving off with a baby (in a travel car seat) on top of his car. Some considered it to be one of the Jackass team’s funniest feats. But the thing that made it at all amusing is that it was totally fake, with Knoxville utilizing a plastic baby doll in the skit. But life is as strange if not stranger than fiction. This actually happened with a mom in Phoenix, Arizona. But the story doesn’t end there…

The Associated Press is reporting that the mom, Catalina Clauser, and her boyfriend and pals were smoking pot earlier in the evening at a nearby park. Evidently, a side effect for Ms. Clauser is forgetfulness.  She allegedly drove off  around midnight with her 5-week-old baby strapped in the carseat, but with the baby on the roof of her car. The authorities were alerted when witnesses found the baby, fortunately safe and sound in the middle of an intersection.

The woman has since been arrested and her child is with the Arizona Child Protective Services.

Have you ever – for a split second – forgot your child on the hood of your car?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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