Parenting FAIL: Mom Leaves Baby in Hot Car So She Could Go To Tanning Salon

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Mom Leaves Baby in Car to Get Her Tan On

Seriously, when will people learn not to leave their children locked and alone in the family car? How many deaths or near deaths have to happen before it is standard “no brainer” knowledge, like not putting a poodle in a microwave or trying to drive a car with your feet.

But Imene Nouis apparently didn’t know about this parenting no-no. The 31-year-old Colorado mother left her one-year- old baby locked in her car while she went to the At the Beach Tanning Superstore to get a bronzing…

When she arrived at the salon, her baby was asleep in the back of the car and she didn’t want to wake them up, so she left the baby there. She thought it would have been fine since she was only to be gone a short while, and she thought it was a good idea to roll up all the windows so no one could steal her kid. But the thing is, it was hot day and the temperature quickly shot up to about 135 degrees inside the car.

Fortunately, someone noticed the child and called the police. The mother was apparently distraught with her bad judgment and was “extremely remorseful.” She was cited for child abuse by the authorities.

Let’s hope when more stories like this one get out, people will think twice about leaving their children locked in hot cars, no matter the length of time.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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