Parenting FAIL: Mom Takes 3-Year-Old Son with Her To Rob Bank

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Parenting FAIL

Many a mom will take their toddler to their local Gymboree, to see the monkeys at the zoo or to their local library for storytime. But Cherilyn Lopez? Her mommy and son time was spent in a completely different way. She took her three-year-old with her to go rob a bank.

What happened?

In Port Richey, Florida, the 24-year-old mother attempted (and succeeded) to rob the Regions Bank. The Sheriff’s office reported that Lopez pulled up in front of the bank in her mini-van and kept the engine running. She went to the doors of the bank, waved down the bank manager, went back to her car, grabbed her child, brought him inside and proceeded to rob the bank.

She escaped, took her son to a nearby daycare, and then reportedly went on to try to score some prescription drugs with her ill-gotten gains. There were eyewitnesses who provided accurate descriptions of both her mini-van and Lopez herself and she was promptly arrested.

“It goes back to prescription pills,” a Sheriff told the media. “It goes back to these addicts. They don’t care about anybody but themselves. It’s clear in this case this woman didn’t care about nobody. She didn’t care about that 3-year-old she was supposed to be taking care of. She goes out there to commit a robbery just because of her own addiction.”

The mother faces felony charges of bank robbery and child neglect. Child Protective Services will be working with her family as to who will care for the boy while she is behind bars.

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Over halfway through the month, think this mom will make July’s Parenting Scandals rundown?

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