Parenting FAILS: Halloween Edition! (Photos)

The Nudest Vader

Halloween is a time where anything goes…usually. It’s a time when our little ones dress up as the fantasy characters they love and adore. Sometimes they go for Princess Leia, other times they go for Superman, or maybe their embrace an old school classic like a witch or a ghost. But some kids, they ain’t that lucky. Instead their parents put them in cages,  chase them around with a stick or mom and dad will wear something so embarrassing that it will take years of therapy for their child to recover. They embrace the “anything goes” mentality but they so cross the line.

We pay tribute to these parenting missteps with a collection we call  Parenting FAILS Halloween Edition Check out these nine other crazy parenting Halloween Fails right here.

Which do you think is the worst?

(at left – Let’s hope this child’s parents put some clothes on before heading out for trick or treating!)

  • The Toilet 1 of 9
    The Toilet
    It seems that dressing up like a toilet for Halloween sends some kind of odd, low-self-esteem message. But maybe this little girl always dreamed of dressing up like a toilet?
    Photo Source: Parenting Fail Blog
  • The Stripper 2 of 9
    The Stripper
    Oh, my. I guess if you have a stripper poll in your home it might pose as a temptation to dress your toddler up like an exotic dancer, but most parents, they so wouldn't go there.
    Photo Source: Epic Fail
  • The Piñata 3 of 9
    The Piñata
    Sure it's a cute idea, but being chased around all night having people try to hit your child and break them open, well, that is a danger the parents should have realized earlier.
    Photo Source: Flickr
  • The Mermaid 4 of 9
    The Mermaid
    Countless girls dress up as a mermaid for Halloween, but usually big plastic boobs aren't part of the costume.
    Photo Source: Urly Bits
  • The Cage 5 of 9
    The Cage
    Something about young children being kept in cages just comes off creepy ... and not in a good way.
    Photo Source: Parenting Fail Blog
  • Dad All Dressed Up 6 of 9
    Dad All Dressed Up
    I hope they have put away some money for their son's therapy.
    Photo Source: Fail Blog
  • Medieval Family 7 of 9
    Medieval Family
    I don't know about you, but it seems there should be an age limit on how young you can be to wear chain mail. That can't be very comfy for this little kid.
    Photo Source: Baby's First Year
  • The Naked Family 8 of 9
    The Naked Family
    At least they're not reallynaked. But this is very disturbing.
    Photo Source: Parent Fail
  • The Jersey Shore 9 of 9
    The Jersey Shore
    Allowing your young child to dress up as a cast member of the Jersey Shore — that's a total parenting FAIL right here.
    Photo Source: Family Style


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