Parenting on The Graveyard Shift

nightparents680_t640Parenting involves quite enough sleep disturbance. Parenting while working the night shift, however, presents its own set of challenges. In this economy, some people take night jobs just to get by, or because it’s the only kind of work available. Others actually prefer it, because it lets them be there for their kids after school and still attend activities in the evenings.

This story profiles three such moms. Two, who are young and have young children, said they didn’t like it because of the topsy-turvy schedule. If their kids skip a nap, they’re missing precious sleep as well. One worked the overnight shift at a nursing home, while another is a police dispatcher and had to work three months of overnights as part of her training.

Another mom who is a police dispatcher worked graveyard while her kids were in elementary and middle school said she actually liked it. She slept while her kids were at school and was able to attend most school functions. Plus, it was kind of nice to have her “evening” be before most people are out and about. “Sometimes 7 a.m. is the best time to go shopping, because nobody else is out,” she says. “You can get all of your shopping done and get home and get the house clean while the kids are at school. My house was never cleaner.”

I think this would be a hard thing to do with little kids, but once they were in school it could be a good answer to blending work and family. Do any of you have tales from the graveyard shift?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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