Parenting Trends: 5 That Are In, 5 That Are Out

Parenting trends
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There is no right or wrong way to parent. Or at least there isn’t a single way in which to parent.

Stick around for a few days, weeks, months or a year and a new study / book / method about the best way to parent will be revealed, rendering everything that came before it useless / invalid / irresponsible / dangerous / passé. Wait a few more days, weeks, months, or a year, and the latest and greatest will be replaced with even later and greater ways to screw up raise your kids. Oh, and reaching an actual consensus on what’s in and what’s out, what’s hot and what’s not? Fuggedaboutit.

Here are 5 parenting trends (according to some) that have gone by the wayside, followed by 5 more that are all the rage these days:

  • OUT: Tiger Mom 1 of 10
    OUT: Tiger Mom
    Amy Chua roared her way into 2011 when the Wall Street Journal excerpted her book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, in an article titled "Why Chinese Mothers are Superior." American parents and their penchant for raising lazy, undisciplined children came under attack, while Asian mothers and their robot-like, albeit well-educated and skilled kids were put on a pedestal. While most agreed that American kids could stand to be less coddled, few were willing to follow Chua's lead and, say, make their children practice one piano piece for 12 straight hours.
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  • OUT: Drop-Side Cribs and Crib Bumpers 2 of 10
    OUT: Drop-Side Cribs and Crib Bumpers
    The Consumer Product Safety commission recently banned the manufacture, sale, and resale of drop-side cribs in response to 30 infants who have died over the past decade as a result of a host of safety issues. On the heels of this, some states have also banned crib bumpers, which have been found to put babies at risk of suffocation.

    Both baby products had been commonly used for generations, but these bans came as the focus on infant sleep safety has been scrutinized even more closely in an effort to further reduce SIDS and sleep-related deaths in babies.
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  • OUT: Laptops 3 of 10
    OUT: Laptops
    Know anything about the latest and greatest laptop on the market? Probably not. Tablets like the iPad, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes and Noble Nook — which are smaller, lighter, and more user-friendly — are becoming more popular, and laptops are suffering as a result of it. The Wall Street Journal has been saying for some time that laptop sales are losing steam, and if there were every any proof, it's the onslaught of the tablet. Manufacturers are even making tablets specifically for children so that in addition to reading, playing video games, and watching movies, they're able to partake in more kid-friendly and educational learning apps.
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  • OUT: Sex-Starved Women 4 of 10
    OUT: Sex-Starved Women
    Pornography is nothing new, but with the advent of books like Fifty Shades of Grey, many women are taking back control of sex in their marriage after a marked decrease in the sex drives of their husbands, which some experts linked to the economic downturn. With the NC-17 Grey trilogy topping bookselling charts on places like Amazon, suburban moms and their city-slicker counterparts, who simply refer to it as "The Book," have been experimenting with naughty bedroom themes, like S&M and bondage.
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  • OUT: Empty Nesters 5 of 10
    OUT: Empty Nesters
    For the last several generations, the trend has been for kids to move on after high school, and parents to render themselves "empty nesters" who could embark on the next phase of their marriage — and lives.

    But that hasn't been the case. According to the Pew Research Center, not only are more young adults going back to live with their parents due to economic hard times — as many as one in five young adults between the ages of 25 to 34, in fact — but more than three-quarters of them are totally happy about it.
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  • IN: Bonjour, French Mom 6 of 10
    IN: Bonjour, French Mom
    Bringing up Bebe is the newest parenting book to make headlines. Author Pamela Druckerman asserts that unlike Americans, whose lives tend to revolve around the minutiae of their progeny, parenting in France is not all about the kids. She argues that moms and dads who "protect their own pleasures," according to the New York Times, who are more relaxed, and whose kids are not the center of their universe — such as parents in France — turn out better offspring.
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  • IN: Gender Reveal Cupcakes 7 of 10
    IN: Gender Reveal Cupcakes
    Sure, you could just go the ultrasound route when finding out if junior is a he or she. But as of late, parents-to-be are choosing a more creative — and tastier — method. A baby's gender is written down in secret in the doctor's office and sealed in an envelope, at which time it's delivered to a baker who crafts cupcakes or a cake with either pink or blue filling. Throw a party, cut the cake, and everyone is surprised.
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  • IN: Breastfeeding in Public 8 of 10
    IN: Breastfeeding in Public
    There's nothing new about breastfeeding or the fact that so many moms do it in public. But what's new in 2012 is that intolerance for breastfeeding in public is no longer tolerated. One mom was kicked out of church for doing it. Another was kicked out of a courtroom. But with breastfeeding moms picketing Facebook offices and Beyoncé nursing Blue Ivy in a restaurant, lactating moms everywhere have become increasingly vocal in letting it be known that baby will eat when and where baby needs to eat.
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  • IN: Policing Kids and Social Media 9 of 10
    IN: Policing Kids and Social Media
    When a kid gets a Facebook or Twitter account, hiding from parents isn't too easy, and the repercussions for inappropriate behavior can be severe. There was the dad who shot his daughter's laptop after she posted a Facebook rant about her household responsibilities. A kid in Zimbabwe was caned for calling a woman a prostitute on Facebook. And those girls who tweeted their desire to be beaten by Chris Brown received attention way beyond 140 characters.

    Some legislators are toying with the idea of requiring cell service providers to allow parents to hack into their kids' text messages. But until it becomes clearer how to best monitor kids' online activity, parents will likely remain hypervigilant about staying logged in to their social media lives.
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  • IN: The Purchasing Power of Pinterest 10 of 10
    IN: The Purchasing Power of Pinterest
    In 2012 it's not enough to write or read a blog about being a mom. Social bookmarking site Pinterest now lets others know the kind of mom you are — or at least want to be — allowing you to share your taste and get some aesthetic ideas from other likeminded moms. More and more parents are turning to Pinterest for inspiration on how to document family life and run the household. They're also browsing pins for recommendations on what to buy and where to buy it.
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What do you think? What are you seeing in parenting circles these days, and what aren’t you seeing anymore?


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