Parents Arrested for Photographing of Baby With Handgun

baby-with-gunA couple who decided to give their eleven-month-old and five-year-old guns and photograph the kids playing with them is now in jail.

And the parents still think it was all just fun and games!

The NY Post pulled court papers and found mom Amanda Haynes told the cops ” she thought it would be funny to take the photos with the kids and the guns.”

Whether the guns were loaded or not hasn’t been released – but Haynes and her boyfriend have been charged with criminal possession of a weapon . . . which means SOMETHING illegal happened. They were caught when the pics they took and e-mailed to friends were sent to child protective services.

The good news (well, besides these boneheads’ arrest): the kids will totally have a case to get themselves on I Hate My Parents, my new favorite Tumblr, home to the pics of babies posing near swear words made from their refrigerator magnets and toddlers toting beer bottles.

It’s sites like those where these sort of pictures generally crop up, usually older pictures of little boys with coon-skin caps and a six-shooter (see above, a picture of author Michael Spooner at two with a real gun). By looks alone, a large number likewise pre-date the rules that required people register their guns (Spooner’s among them – his dad bought the gun in 1956).

Do you think this was a parenting fail of arrest-worthy proportions or just a plain old parenting fail?


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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