Parents Favor Precious First Over Neglected Subsequents

42-15699386A couple of British newspapers feature stories headlined something along the lines of: Mothers Really Do Favor Firstborns. Which of course made me, a second-born and mother of three children, panic a bit.

Did my parents really love their Precious First Born (the papers’ term) more? Have I been cheating my Neglected Subsequent Children?

No. But parents do treat their children differently (duh!) and the firstborn get more attention (yes, of course.) True, true, I’ll admit to that for sure.

What’s funny are just how much differently some mothers reported treating their kids.

Some said they dabbed their own eyes with no tears shampoo to ensure it really wouldn’t burn. Others noted disinfecting everything, everyday so that PFB could explore without risk of exposure to germs.

One mother admitting she dried her daughter’s butt with a warm hairdryer after each diaper change. Another turned down an invitation to a friend’s child’s christening. Why? Because her PFB was so adorable, she didn’t want to take attention away from the child at the center of the festivities. My, how big of her.

All I can think is, wow, my poor, neglected first born!

My PFB got loads of my undivided attention. She also got her diapers changed more frequently. She came at a time in her grandparents’ lives, too, where she got a lot more money as gifts. I’m not mad about that, of course, I’m just saying!

What about your PFB? How has her position in the family benefitted her over your NSCs.

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