Parents Sue to Keep Kids From Having to Be Nice to Gays

bullying1You know all those schools being sued for NOT protecting kids from bullying? A California school district is another boat going in the other direction. Parents are suing the Alameda schools for requiring their kids learn to BE NICE to other kids. Gasp!

Of course these kids aren’t any old kids – they’re lesbian, gay and transgender kids who the school district dares to think should be protected from getting their asses kicked on the playground. Yes, dear readers, they’re teaching kids to be nice to the fags!

And their parents want none of it. They’re suing on the basis of religious freedom to keep their kids OUT of the anti-bullying workshops. The district has thus far said no to requests that their kids be allowed to opt out, prompting the parents to decry indoctrination into the gay lifestyle.

Because a teacher telling your kid not to call the other kid a queer is tantamount to telling your son to go kiss the other little boy on the lips, right?

I’m willing to grant that not everyone “agrees” with homosexuality (whether or not I agree with THEM is another issue). But I’m hard-pressed to see how telling kids not to say hurtful things to other kids, not to physically hurt other kids, etc. is indoctrination into another lifestyle. I wouldn’t let my child kick an evangelical Christian .  .  . that doesn’t mean I’m training her to become one.

If these parents are so afraid their kids are going to encounter a bit of gayness in the world, I think it’s time they home school, how ’bout you?

Image: partnership for children

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