Parents Use Social Media More Than Non-Parents, Can You Guess Why?

Mama likes her Facebook.

My husband is in Europe touring with his band. This means I am full-time single parent for two weeks. TWO WEEKS!

It’s only day two and I’m already exhausted. This is a million times more stressful than producing the evening newscast each night for Fox News in Salt Lake City. Seriously. How do single parents do it? If it wasn’t for Facebook I don’t think I’d have any outside contact with adults. Which is interesting because, as the Huffington Post reports, a new study on why people use social media shows parents use social media more than non-parents.  Can you guess why?

I’d have thought it would be the other way around what with all the single folks connecting and flirting and keeping in touch on Facebook… but, according to a study by Nielsen McKinsey Company, parents are more likely to play games, engage in creative pursuits, and look for entertainment. The only place where non-parents used social media more than parents was, of course, on dating sites.  Even then the difference isn’t so big with 13 percent of parents and 17 percent of non-parents using social media to date.

Parents also use social media to read consumer feedback about goods and services more than their childless counterparts. The findings were based on 2,000 social media using adults who visit “Internet forums, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, video sharing, consumer rating and other social networking websites.” It should come as no surprise that Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other site with the main reason being maintain relationships with family and friends:

88 and 89 percent of users, respectively, saying they used social networking sites for this purpose. The next most popular activity is connecting with new friends (70 percent do this), followed by accessing product reviews (68 percent) and online entertainment (67 percent). Just 16 percent said they use social media for dating and less than a third reported using social networks to find a job.

According to the Huff Post, social media eats up a quarter of all time American adults spend online. How much time do you spend on social media sites per day? Do you think you log on more than friends without children?



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