Photo of White Dad Doing Black Daughter's Hair Goes Viral

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Frank Somerville and his daughter.

News anchor Frank Somerville of Oakland, California, posted a snapshot on Facebook of himself learning how to undo his daughter’s braids along with the caption, “So for those of you who think tv can be glamorous, this is how i spent my morning, learning how to take out my daughter’s braids. It takes a long time and a lot of patience!” His followers quickly began to comment on the photo, letting him know how touched they were by it. As of this writing, the photo has received 18,086 likes, 2,135 comments and 3,542 shares.

Here are some of the best comments on the thread:

“I love it!!! That is a great example of a wonderful dad. Willing to do whatever is necessary to help out in the household. What a great example!!!”

“I’m mixed race myself, my mother is African and my father is white.I have this hair too that I wish it could be soft and easy to handle but I love it still. :p What i see in this picture…well it look like it was just normal daily thing to do with a father taking care of his kids. I’m sad to hear how some people freaked out about it just because of the skin color. I know what it like when people thinks I have to choose a “side” when I believe that I’m just me and my skin don’t define me. I loved both of my parents and I wish my dad knew a thing about my hair. hahaha”

“Love this pic. Our country is so diverse. My own dad left the bulk of hair care for my mom but he did our hair a few times. Tangles and lopsided ponytails aside, it’s a great bonding time.”

My personal fave: “Dasssss it! Love holds no color!”

“Go ahead Dad! plus you saved about a hundred bucks taking it down yourself! next time just get her corn rows-less “take down time” lol”

“Go head mr. White man. Its hard for some of us to.”

“I love this for so many reasons. Mainly because it’s a similar reflection of my own household – adoption, interracial family, and my husband trying to learn how to care for our son’s hair. I see the same intense expression on my husband’s face as well. GO DADS!!! Keep it up, and thanks for sharing!”

“I applaud YOU! You could have a “black friend” that does all the “black stuff” that comes with a black child!!! Instead, you choose to BE her daddy in EVERY way!!! I find it AWESOME!!!”

“I live in Canada and I saw this picture of you and your daughter.That was so touching because I am also adopted interracial.My mother is white and my adoptive father is white and 1/4 native. He learned how to do our hair and braid it. So this picture is so close to home that I have such a great dad.”

In response to all the attention his snapshot received, Somerville said, “It’s not often that I am speechless, but I am floored by the response to the picture I posted, and by how touching and personal many of them were. To me the picture shows a dad doing what a dad SHOULD do, and loving every minute of it. The birth of my first daughter, and adopting my youngest daughter, are the two best moments of my life, and I feel like the luckiest dad in the world that my family is interracial. I can’t thank all of you enough. And remember CHANGE HAPPENS ONE PERSON AT A TIME!”

As The Root notes, Somerville said in a recent interview, “My youngest daughter is adopted, she also happens to be black. I mention this only because adopting Callie is what I am most proud of in my life because I can now say that in my own way I have made a difference in someone’s life. And by the same token Callie has made a huge difference in my life.”

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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