Photo of Woman Breastfeeding a Child and a Deer

I don’t know what to make of this. The image is from an eBay auction of the image itself. The price is $9.50.

The photo is from the 1930’s, apparently of a “Pennsylvania Mountain Lady.” What is she doing? Well, she’s “suckling both a baby deer and a child at the same time.”

And judging by the expression on her face, she’s having a grand old time. Full image after the jump.

Can you even do that? I mean, could a baby deer eat/drink human milk? I guess that’s not any stranger than drinking cow’s milk, right? But could a cow drink human milk? How many sentences can I write that end in a question mark? In the same paragraph?

As of this writing, the seller has sold 2 pics. There are “more than 10 available.” So, you know. Run don’t walk. Get your order in NOW.

(Click the image to see it in full-sized glory.)

Source: eBay via Buzzfeed

Article Posted 9 years Ago

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