Phyllis Diller Jokes About Love, Marriage, Kids and Domesticity

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RIP, Phyllis. You crazy, beautiful broad.

Today the world lost a comedy giant and a gem of a gal, the larger-than-life Phyllis Diller. Diller, like Joan Rivers, is often cited as a pioneering female comedian who was, as a friend put it, “Funny before women were funny.” When that tired debate rears its ugly head like it still somehow manages to, I always point to Phyllis Diller as an undisputed genius who more than held her own alongside male legends like Bob Hope, Dean Martin, and Don Rickles. Diller has always inspired me on a personal level as well, because she was a 37-year-old mother when she started in stand-up, and I always admired the ballsy way she used her age and “ugly” looks to empower her persona. Diller built her brand as an ill-suited housewife, but she certainly was suited to crack wise about a woman’s role as wife and mother. Here are some of her best lines about love, marriage, kids and domesticity:

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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