Picketing Dad Brings Daughter To Protest, Loses His Cool (Video)

Valuable lesson or parenting gone wrong?

Right now thousands of Verizon landline workers are staging a massive strike that stretches across several states. They’re protesting cutbacks as a result of declining business. But, while their intentions may be good, a few of those picketing appear to be going about things the wrong way.

A video posted on YouTube yesterday shows an alleged Verizon picketer – who apparently brought his daughter along – going insane at what looks like employees trying to cross the picket line in a Verizon truck.

The video shows the man and his daughter, who looks to be 11 or 12, dressed alike, holding signs. As the truck pulls up he walks up to block the driver from moving and his daughter, who is probably scared out of her mind, follows him. That’s when he launches into a profanity-laced speech calling the men in the truck “losers,” “scumbags,” and “scabs,”.

Throughout the short video, the daughter can be seen standing just feet away taking it all in. Oh man, she looks so uncomfortable. I understand the father is probably trying to teach his daughter a valuable lesson about standing up for what she believes in, but I’m not really sure pushing her in front of a truck and screaming curse words is the way to go about it. What do you think?  Valuable lesson or a case of parenting gone wrong?

(CONTENT WARNING for graphic language):

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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