PicMonkey Is Here, and IT IS AWESOME

The final product after running this photo through PicMonkey.

Here at MomCrunch we wrote recently about the demise of Picnik, the best known online photo editor, and mentioned that a couple of alternatives were on their way, including PicMonkey.

Well, PicMonkey is here, and it is AMAZEBALLS.

That’s a technical term, yo.

I spent some time on PicMonkey and I simply cannot believe the ease of the interface and the simple elegance of the software. In some ways I find it to be exactly what I need, a perfect combination of Instagram and Photoshop, allowing me with a simple click of a few buttons to take a photo from drab to (oh, it’s clichéd, but I’m going for it) divine.

My daughter agreed to pose for a photo (and you can see the finished product there on the left) for my PicMonkey editing experiment, and contributed heavily to the outcome; in fact, it’s an easy enough program that my daughter who is five and a half, but computer savvy can use it.

Here’s a quick tour of what I did to the photo and the various things that PicMonkey has to offer. Enjoy!

  • Initial photo 1 of 7
    Initial photo
    This is my initial photo, just a typical iPhone photo of my darling daughter who generously agreed to model for me.
  • Basic Edits 2 of 7
    Basic Edits
    Here you can see the basic editing options, such as contrast and brightness, etc.
  • Effects and Filters 3 of 7
    Effects and Filters
    Now we have our effects and filters. This list is only partial; when you scroll down there are TONS more. AWESOME. Also, a few require an upgrade, but all you have to do is provide and email address, not pay.
  • Warhol Effect 4 of 7
    Warhol Effect
    This is one of the effect, Warhol. You pick the two colors. My daughter liked these.
  • Text and Shapes 5 of 7
    Text and Shapes
    There are also a large number of shapes, symbols, etc that can be placed on the image ranging from hearts to thought bubbles. Plus, you can easily add text to the photo and you have a wide range of fonts to choose from.
  • Frames 6 of 7
    There are also a large number of frames, including this cool polaroid one.
  • Final Photo 7 of 7
    Final Photo
    This is my finished photo. Ultimately I did about a half dozen filters (you can also vary the intensity of the filters), removed a blemish in her eye, reduced the saturation a bit, added the thought bubble, text, and frame, and there you go: my kid, even more adorable.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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