PicMonkey Offers Up Amazingly Cool Halloween Effects

I think it’s quite clear how much I love the photo editing web app PicMonkey. I’ve switched about 99% of my photoediting to the site instead of using Photoshop (which is big, clunky, and often slows down my laptop), and in fact use it to create about 80% of the images I use here on MomCrunch.

So you can imagine how THRILLED I was to get an email from the great folks at PicMonkey giving me a bit of a sneak preview of their fantastic new Halloween editing and special effects functions.

I promptly wasted the rest of the afternoon playing. As did my daughter.

Was it ever fun!

The first thing I did was take a handful of iPhone photos that would be easy to manipulate; I took one straight on to the camera without a smile, and one where my mouth is open and I’m attempting a “scary” face (no laughing allowed).

This picture on the left here is my photo using the “Day of the Dead” effects. But I didn’t stop there.

Here’s my “Vampire” attempt (which I really like). I’m including my “before” pic as well.


How’d I do it? First, I did “alabaster skin” using the “fed” setting. I added fangs, blood, and used the “monster morph” feature to make my eyes a bit bigger, and then used some of the “evil eyes” to make my eyes creepy, and did some “dark shadows”. Then I used about a gazillion of the regular features (burn, wrinkle remover, airbrush) to smooth everything out. I LOVE the result.

Here’s how I zombified myself. Heh.

I know you want to get in there and play yourself. Go ahead! And Happy Early Halloween.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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