Pink Helmet Posse: These Three 6-Year-Old Skater Girls are Like Totally Rad!

pinkDude, the Pink Helmet Posse is like totally rad, like totally gnarly awesome. Yes, I regressed to Cali-speak— it’s hard not to when talking about skateboarding. But what I said in my slang-laden first sentence is totally true, especially when talking about the three 6-year-old girls who go by the name Pink Helmet Posse.

Relz Murphy, Sierra Kerr, and Bella Kenworthy don hot pink helmets, fuzzy knee socks, and occasionally pink tutus when they hit the skate parks. And while they may be adorable, they are also inspirational and hopefully influencing other young girls to grab a board and go riding in a sport that’s been male dominated for decades. And they are making quite the impact: they have a logo, a popular Instagram account, and even a website. Oh, and they can totally shred.

“We know it can be intimidating,” the Pink Helmet Posse write on the site, “but we’re here to show you that skateboarding is not just for boys.” And it’s just not an act, they can really ride.

“They’re incredible,” Jamie Owens, the editor of Transworld Skateboarding magazine, told GrindTV. “I’ve seen a handful of talented teenage girls in the park, but never girls this young.”

I spoke to my dear friend Eva Glettner, who not only is a contributor here at Babble, but also has three very active skater sons and started the website Skate Mamas. She spends a fair amount of time at the skate parks and sees the whole gamut of shredders. But she has a strong opinion about female skaters, saying, “Girls who skateboard are tough and committed to awesomeness.” She’s seen the Pink Helmet Posse in action and says that, “They are amazing and they turn notions of skating on its head. Sometimes the girls wear tutus but then they shred like crazy. It’s so fresh.”

I asked Eva if girls were often seen at the skate parks, and she noted, “Girl skaters are coming up in numbers, but they are still a minority, mostly because parents think it’s not an appropriate girl sport, which is complete nonsense.” Yes, complete nonsense indeed. Any sport can be dangerous. I’ve seen soccer balls hit girls right in the eye, kids trip and skin knees while playing tennis, and one young pal of my daughter’s break her ankle jumping on a trampoline. And skating is just rad.

“Watching your 6-year-old daughter hit tile in a 13-foot bowl, that is pretty cool,” said Gary Murphy, Relz’ dad. “But watching her confidence grow — not just with skating, but in life — that’s even better.”

Photo Source: Pink Helmet Posse/Instagram

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