Pink or Blue? New Blood Test In Pregnancy Accurately Determines Baby's Gender At 7 Weeks

A blood test can determine baby's gender at just 7 weeks post conception. Would you do it?

Over the years I’ve heard buzz about tests in pregnancy to find out if your baby was a girl or boy- and I’m not talking about the 20 week ultrasound- but I always thought it was just a scam to make money off excited expecting parents. New information is coming forward around the “Pink or Blue” early gender blood test that is surprisingly accurate at just 7 weeks gestation.

For $25 (plus $265 or more for laboratory testing) “Pink or Blue” has a 95 percent accuracy. Of course, the initial design of the test was meant to be as a breakthrough for women at risk of having babies with certain diseases, who could avoid invasive procedures if they learned their fetus was a gender not affected by those illnesses. The blood test is also safer than other gender-detecting medical techniques like amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling which can cause an increased risk for miscarriages.

But, in the wrong hands of parents that want to choose the sex of their baby, there are of course concerns that instead they will have an abortion if the baby is not the gender they wanted. And while the new analysis claims the test to be 95% correct… what about the other 5%? What if it’s wrong?

Would you ever consider using “Pink or Blue”? Did you ever try a test to determine your baby’s gender early on? Was it accurate?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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