Pink Tape Just for Girls And Other Strange Sexisms

just-for-girls-pink-tapeUnderwear. A potty seat with or without the splash guard. There are some things that are made to be marketed to separate genders.

And then there’s bubblegum pink tape made “just for girls.” Because nothing says girl’s best friend like her school supplies?

This little gem was found by Feminist Philosopher, whose take sums it up nicely: “Of *course* tape needs to be gendered. What was I thinking to not expect this?”

I discovered her post while searching for school supplies not twelve hours after my friend’s son was wandering around my house with my daughter’s Disney princess sweatshirt tightly zipped over his chest. Ironic?

I’m probably a bad feminist when I say this, but I generally ignore a large portion of the “girls” vs. “boys” marketing and simply pick up what my daughter’s most interested in. If it happens to be Spiderman, so be it. Then again, if it happens to be pink and frilly . . . well, so be it. It’s more important to me that she dictate her tastes and that she thought it perfectly natural to run upstairs and pull out a princess sweatshirt for her male friend to borrow when he was cold.

But it’s always nice to have some completely neutral ground – like the world of clear tape.

Or, you know, the Bible.

Well, mabye. That’s gendered now too – for Christian parents with little boys, you can buy the Boys Bible, The Ultimate Manual so he gets his own message from God (so much for “we’re all his children”).

Wonder if he’ll ask his sister for some tape to make his book cover.

Image: Feminist Philosopher

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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