Pint-Sized Patriots: 18 Kids Tell Us Why They Love America for the 4th of July!

When you ask an adult why they love our country, you will probably get a rather long and perhaps complicated answer full of not just patriotism but politics. But kids have far more simple reasons for why they are proud to be Americans. We asked 18 children  from New York City to San Francisco why they love the United States, and the answers are, naturally, adorable — and just in time for the 4th of July!

Check out why these 18 kids love America:

  • U.S.A. 1 of 19
    Girl holding American flag against white background.

    18 kids tell us why they love America! 

  • Best City! 2 of 19

    "I love America because it is the best city in the whole world because it just is!"

    - Gabs, age 6, Chicago

  • No Kings 3 of 19

    "Because it's awesome and it's peaceful and there's no kings. That's why I love it. Also, there's no fighting going on and almost everyone agrees."

    - Jack, age 7, San Francisco

  • It’s Nice 4 of 19

    "Because I live here and it's nice."

    - BooBoo, age 5, Los Angeles

  • Dolls 5 of 19

    "Because it's awesome and I can get American Girl Dolls."

    - Annabella, age 7, San Francisco

  • My Favorite Colors 6 of 19

    "I love America because our flag is red, white and blue. Red and blue are my favorite colors."

    - Jerry, age 7, Chicago

  • Fireworks 7 of 19

    "Because we have fireworks in the sky, and they are so cool."

    - Shawn, age 5, Chicago

  • Songs 8 of 19

    "Because there are so many songs that Mrs G [my kindergarten teacher] taught me to sing about it!"

     - Lauren, age 5, Idaho

  • Soldiers 9 of 19

    "Cuz we have the best soldiers ever."

     - Kall, age 8, Idaho

  • Home 10 of 19

    "I like it because its my home."

    - Ruby, age 8, San Francisco

  • Freedom 11 of 19

    "Because we have freedom. Freedom to do what we like."

    - Bella, age 8, Chicago

  • Love 12 of 19

    "Because there is love."

    - Aeden, age 4, Los Angeles

  • Carnivals! 13 of 19

    "Because there is fun stuff like carnivals."

    - Farrow, age 7, Los Angeles

  • Fun 14 of 19

    "I love America because I'm free and I get to have fun."

    Mikaela, age 9, Atlanta

  • Our Flag 15 of 19
    A smiling girl waving the american flag near to her head

    "Because it's MY country, and I love our flag." 

    MJ, age 6, from San Diego

  • So Many Things! 16 of 19
    "I like America because of the flags, the one that has all of the stars is my favorite.
    I like America because it's a beautiful place to live.
    I like America because all of the plants grow healthy here.
    I like America because it has Talent.
    I like America because it has so many cool cars and clothes.
    I like America because it has great and powerful food."
    - Kaia, age 5, Los Angeles
  • Peaceful 17 of 19

    "'Cause it's just a peaceful land."

    - Scarlett (who was born on the 4th of July!), age 6, Oakland


  • Minecraft 18 of 19

    "It's the only place I know where I can wake up and do what I want. I can play Minecraft with all my friends while skyping AND I can go to Disneyland when I want."

    Skyler, age 10, California

  • Schools 19 of 19

    "Because we have schools."

     - Liam, age 5, New York City

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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