Pinterest Anonymous: 10 Super-Obsessive Pinterest Trends that Indicate You May Have a Problem

Pinterest trends
The first step is admitting you’re powerless over Pinterest

The first step is admitting you are powerless over Pinterest.

If you find yourself pinning utterly useless items such as Tom Selleck face covers, burger beds, and peanut butter slices, it’s time to ask for help.

Here are 10 seriously out-there Pinterest trends that, if you’re into them, it’s probably a sign you really, really need to find a better use of your time:

  • Crazy-Cute Food Crafts 1 of 10
    Crazy-Cute Food Crafts
    Because you have nothing better to do with your time than spend hours crafting a lunch that will either be eaten in 52 seconds or discarded in no-time that looks like a moving train or the Three Little Pigs?
  • Insanely Exotic Braids 2 of 10
    Insanely Exotic Braids
    Let's see a side-by-side comparison: What you wanted to braid and what you actually braided.
    Now that's a board we could get behind.
  • Upcycled Nature 3 of 10
    Upcycled Nature
    Mother Nature called.
    She asked that you leave her and her brethren as you found it, and not paint, paste, hot-glue gun or otherwise render it part of a holiday centerpiece or rainy-day project that will see the bottom of a trash can before you can say "Driftwood sea glass suncatcher."
  • Crap in Mason Jars and Other Unnamed DIY Projects 4 of 10
    Crap in Mason Jars and Other Unnamed DIY Projects
    Remember when just jelly went in jars? And bugs?
    Sign. Those were the good old days.
  • Luxury Chicken Coops 5 of 10
    Luxury Chicken Coops
    This is really how you want to let people know you spend your time?
    No, really?
  • Holiday Overload 6 of 10
    Holiday Overload
    Last we checked, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ, not turning your home into a one-day-a-year theme park for elves and foil-covered chocolate.
  • Garden Gnomes and Fairies 7 of 10
    Garden Gnomes and Fairies
    When did they start allowing 4-year-old girls on Pinterest?
  • White Interiors 8 of 10
    White Interiors
    Clearly a trend among people who are childless.
    Either that or they like to redecorate. Often.
  • Skinny Chicks in Huge Flowing Outfits 9 of 10
    Skinny Chicks in Huge Flowing Outfits
    It's unclear when certain Pinterest posts became an outpost for those awful thinspiration websites, but clothing trends like this are evidence that, indeed, it has happened.
  • Insanely Long and Thin Stacked Images 10 of 10
    Insanely Long and Thin Stacked Images
    So art-y of you. So stock photo-y of you.

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