Piper Palin Tries To Block Reporter From Mom Sarah

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It looks like Piper is already done with campaigning before the Palins even started yet.

Have you ever brought your kids to work or a work related event? Anyone who has knows that it can be trying to say the least. You hope and pray that they behave themselves, but the biggest problem is usually that kids don’t really belong in most workplaces, and cannot sustain the boredom or long hours the same way adults can. But what if your kids and family played a role in your career?

It seems to many that Sarah Palin’s latest bus tour dubbed the “One Nation” tour is more for her political benefit than her children’s life experiences, and perhaps the constant spotlight has proved a little too much for her ten-year-old daughter Piper. On a stop in Philadelphia, Piper can be seen physically trying to get in between a reporter and her mom Sarah (see video below).

In her defense, she is just ten years old and would certainly rather being doing other things on her summer break (has school let out in Alaska already?) than shaking the hands of middle America just so her mother can gauge her own influence and popularity before deciding whether or not to make a run in the 2012 presidential race.

This past week alone, she and her family made stops at Washington, Maryland and Pennsylvania before coming to New York. Yesterday the Palins visited the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The day before that, they had pizza lunch with Donald Trump. After this Northeast tour, the next stop will be the Midwest and the third leg of the tour will be the South. It sure looks like a prequel to a nationwide 2012 campaign tour, and it also kind of looks like Sarh is using her daughter and family (or at least their projection as a happy American family) as a campaign tool?

Over the weekend, Palin attended the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally in Washington, D.C. Ten-year-old Piper rode around on the backseat of a motorcycle with her father Todd. While Piper did have a helmet on,  a motorcycle is surely not the best place for a child.

Unlike the Obama girls who do take part in family events and press events but adhere to family rules first, Piper appears to not be enjoying the spotlight. Of course, Malia and Sasha join in special moments so they can enjoy them, not so their father will look like  a good parent. There is a big difference.

It’s too bad Sarah Palin missed that lesson.

See the video of young Piper blocking reporters here.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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