Pit Bull Chews Off Baby’s Toes

pit-bull-injuriesHonestly, I think pit bulls and babies don’t mix.

In the latest dog-bites-baby news, a North Carolina mother and her boyfriend have been arrested and charged with felony child abuse after a pit bull chewed off the toes of her 4-month-old baby’s left foot.

The mom, Robie Lynn Jenkins, told authorities that she was on medication and, along with her boyfriend, slept through the baby’s cries. All three were sleeping in the same room. In fact, Jenkins said she didn’t discover the injuries until the next day when she was changing the baby’s diaper.

Now, I’m not calling for the destruction of an entire dog breed, but I can’t believe how easily people mix these aggressive dogs with babies and young children — especially when the dog in question isn’t even a part of the baby’s family. In this particular case, the pit bull didn’t belong to the couple; they were watching it for a friend who was in jail on gun charges.

There’s a pit bull mix in my extended family. She’s a sweet, sweet dog and very tolerant of her own people. When my kids are around, I make sure they’re not pinching her or bumping into her. In fact, I encourage them to stay away from her, much to the irritation of her owner. But I can’t help it. I saw her snap once at my oldest when she was two and that was it. I’m not taking any chances.

How do you manage your kids around non-family dogs, especially pit bulls and Rottweilers and the other notoriously aggressive types?

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